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Chapman Lake Knives

Chapman Lake Knives CLK-2D

Chapman Lake Knives CLK-2D

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**Our second model, the CLK-2, is available for order. Expected shipment time is 8-12 weeks**

Precisely engineered, American-made blades from the highest quality materials available, providing premier craftsmanship with flawless elegance. 

62-64.5 HRC, cryo-treated, CPM-Magnacut stainless drop point blade with hollow ground primary and secondary bevels. Aerospace quality grade 5 titanium handle and hardware. Reversible titanium clip for right or left hand carry. Stainless triple bearing system and patent-pending bearing races, for unrivaled action with lifelong wear resistance.

Choose your color from the dropdown menu, or request any achievable anodization colorway with the "custom made-to-order" option. Then pick your own custom-anodized hardware (screws/spacers/thumbstud) and add a personalized name, message, or image on the side of the blade at no extra cost. Clip anodization also available upon request. Make this knife your very own, one-of-a-kind, bespoke functional artwork.

WEIGHT: 4.1 oz
BLADE: CPM-Magnacut

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Closed length: 5.098"

Open length: 8.788"

Blade length: 3.690"

Blade thickness: .125"

Width: 1.368"

Thickness: .491"

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Customer Reviews

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C. Royster
Husbands birthday knife

My husband heard about these knives and instantly wanted one, so I made it happen since he rarely wants anything extra, ever. It definitely took the whole 12 wks, but he didn’t mind that. Once we got the knife though, instead of “electric blue” as requested, it was purple. Near exclusively purple. I immediately let the company know and was told their blue dye is actually more of a color known as “blurple”…which is all well and good, but if that is a known coloring issue, the website needs to clearly state that; had we known, we very seriously would not have chosen that particular color.
Since we thought we were getting a $500 electric blue knife, but ended up with something else, I’m not comfortable rating with the full 5 stars, but definitely okay with giving 4 stars…because besides the color debacle, the knife is beautifully crafted, very smooth in how it opens and closes, and it is truly amazing quality.

Hi Chelsey, thanks for the review! I hope my previous email came through, but just in case, I wanted to reiterate that I'll be happy to send you a return label and re-anodize your handles in order to get a color that is more on the blue (rather than purple) side of the spectrum. Cheers, and please let me know!


Robert Williams
A one in a million

Being an engineer I wanted this the minute I saw it. Once in my hand it became the top of my collection. It outshines knifes costing many the times of it. The handles and blade have the style and shape like no other. I would buy anything they make. They were always in touch with me.
Great to work with.

Alan Miller
Oiled bronze with raw hardware CLK 2D

I collect USA made folding knives only. Knives like the Koenig Arius, Holt Morpheus, Medfords, Demko AD20S etc.. so know what a good USA knife is like... I havn't had this CLK for long but at this point I am putting it up there with the best of what I have got and thats saying a lot for a company with its first folder... very impressed with quality and communication with the company.


Outstanding design, highest quality manufacturing, superb metals. This new company is going to make some great blades.

Superb design, engineering, machining and finishing. Top quality steel and titanium. Idealized cool.

Just delivered! Mind blown 🤯 An amazing machinist and all around nice guy named Brock made these for me. It’s a stellar design with a huge pivot axel, flipper with thumbstuds and button lock.

The colors and light play are mesmerizing. The blue knife is actually a bright green in the sun, or about 7 other colors depending on the light. The black DLC is actually a dark amber bronze in the sun. Spectacular. The pics do not represent.

And yes, one is “left-handed”, whatever that means. These are fully ambidextrous. I switched the clip on both for fun. An atypical setup for sure, keeps it interesting. The button is positioned perfectly for index finger, it’s quite satisfying. Two sets of bearings for glass-on-cotton action, one of the most beautiful blades I’ve ever seen. From the makers marks to the shine, it’s superlative. The finished surfaces on the blade bend light. I don’t really consider them EDC, but they are tougher than nails and precision machined, finished, and sharpened to perfection.

Thanks Brock! You do great work and your customer service is excellent. I’ll be buying whatever you come out with next.